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Re: [PATCH][MIPS] Implement .module directive

Matthew Fortune <> writes:
>> > @@ -787,7 +787,7 @@ if { [istarget mips*-*-vxworks*] } {
>> >      run_dump_test "relax-swap1-mips2"
>> >      run_dump_test "relax-swap2"
>> >      run_dump_test_arches "relax-swap3"	[mips_arch_list_all]
>> > -    run_list_test_arches "relax-bc1any" "-mips3d -relax-branch" \
>> > +    run_list_test_arches "relax-bc1any" "-mips3d -64 -relax-branch" \
>> >  					[mips_arch_list_matching mips64 \
>> >  					    !micromips]
>> >      run_list_test_arches "relax-bposge" "-mdsp -relax-branch" \
>> Not all targets compile in support for n32 and n64, so -mabi=o64 would
>> be better than -64.
> Will do. I had only run the assembler tests for this patch but on running
> the linker tests it showed a problem with .dc.a which is dependent on
> TC_ADDRESS_BYTES and that in turn is dependent on the GPR size.  The
> mips_address_bytes function therefore has to finalise the options (because
> that is where the inferred GP register width is set up). This means that
> .dc.a is another pseudo that prevents further .module directives.
> Is that OK? (patch below to be applied along with the overall patch if
> approved)

Yeah, looks good to me, thanks.


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