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Re: ld - references to merged SEC_MERGED .debug_str not adjusted

I forgot, binutils 2.23

On 14/05/14 08:56, Paul Shortis wrote:
I've ported bfd, gas etc to my custom processor, and all is functioning well with one exception ...

I've trimmed down a test case to ...

#include <stdio.h>

int main( int argc, char *argv[])
    return 0;

The object file produced by gcc/gas looks fine with indirect string offsets in .debug_info pointing to the correct places in .debug_str .

However after linking to create a binary, dumping the binary reveals that unused entries in .debug_str have been deleted (I assume because this is a SEC_MERGE section), however the indirect string offsets in .debug_info that point into .debug_str haven't been adjusted and are therefore invalid.

gdb, of course objects to loading the linked binary.

I've started stepping through ld execution to see what is happening but I could lose a few days familiarizing myself with the internals.

I'm assuming I'm repeating some sort of a newbie blunder but Google hasn't been helpful. Does anyone have any pointers that may get me closer to a solution to the problem ?

Thanks, Paul.

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