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32 bit host build failure from peXXigen.c

[COMMITTED] Enable secureplt on alpha-elf by default

[COMMITTED] Fix alpha-elf relaxation

[COMMITTED][AArch64] Fix off by one error in instruction relaxation mask.

[gold commit] Modify gold testsuite to disable plugins added by GCC driver

[gold commit] PR gold/16870: Add missing break statement.

[Gold, patch RFC] Fix for PR16321

[ld patch] Document optional comma in linker script

[Mach-O, committed]: Dump two level hints, rebound dylib and pre bind cksum

[Mach-O] use section index from output section (to write relocs)

[mach-o]: add generation of executables

[Mach-O]: Add objdump -P data_in_code

[mach-o]: Add page_size field to backend data

[mach-o]: cleanup: remove name_len field for commands

[mach-o]: define copy_private_header instead of copy_private_bfd

[Mach-O]: define cpu arch and subtype capabilities

[Mach-O]: Dump dyld info data

[Mach-O]: Fix output of symbols

[Mach-O]: fix section name conversion from bfd to macho

[Mach-O]: Fix warnings when building on a 32 bit host

[Mach-O]: Improve objdump -P load output

[mach-o]: internal clean-up: use bfd_boolean to return status

[Mach-O]: Reject 64 bit targets when not configured for

[PATCH 0/4] Fixes for support for 'ld --build-id' to pe/coff

Re: [PATCH 00/14] Removal of or32/openrisc and introduction of or1k

[PATCH 1/2] Add support for O32 FPXX ABI

Re: [PATCH 1/2] pe/coff: Avoid a crash using objdump -p on the output of objcopy --only-keep-debug

Re: [PATCH 1/2] Windows libibery: Don't quote args unnecessarily

[PATCH 1/4] pe/coff: Display GUID build-id in the conventional way

[PATCH 2/2] Tests for O32 FPXX ABI and related features

[PATCH 2/4] pe/coff: Don't interpret debug directory in section with no contents

[PATCH 3/4] pe/coff: Keep .build-id with --only-keep-debug

[PATCH 4/4] pe/coff: Don't break .build-id with objcopy/strip

[PATCH v2] gas/arm: Fix gas tests to run on armeb-none-eabi

[Patch, ARM] Support NOREAD section attribute across Bintuils for ARM target

[Patch, avr] Add DIFF relocations

[patch, committed] fix Nios II assembler self-test mode

[Patch, moxie] Add new sign-extension instructions

[PATCH/ARM] PR 16722, support VLDR s/d0, =Imm

[PATCH] [MIPS] Ensure that local GOT entries accessed via a 16-bit index come first

[PATCH] Add support for MIPS eretnc MIPS32r5 instruction

[PATCH] Add support for MIPS eXtended Physical Address (XPA) ASE

[PATCH] Add support for MIPS64r6

[PATCH] Add support for the MIPS P5600 family of CPUs

[PATCH] bfd/elfnn-aarch64.c: Remove elfNN_aarch64_section_flags

[PATCH] Disable gdb for z80-unknown-coff target

[PATCH] Fix alignment for the first section frag on xtensa

[PATCH] Fix failure of 32-bit linker on large files

[PATCH] Fix mingw linker build

[PATCH] gas/arm: Fix gas tests to run on armeb-none-eabi

[PATCH] gas/arm: Force output of a data mapping symbol for literal pools

[PATCH] ld/arm: Fix testsuite failures for armeb-linux-eabi

[patch] Nios II build_id fix

[PATCH] PR binutils/16886: Use sigsetjmp/siglongjmp in opcodes

[patch] rl78: check for overlong branches

[PATCH] Second mingw build fix for ld.

[PATCH] Support Intel SGX extension.

[PATCH] Typo fix in gold ICF

[Patch]: Fix bfd_get_arch_size for non-ELF targets

[PING] Contributing new gcc targets: i386-*-dragonfly and x86-64-*-dragonfly

[PING] Disable gdb for z80-unknown-coff target

[rfc] new bfd hook: additional link map text

[SPARC] Reject 'cas' mnemonic on LEON

bfd doc chew

bfd target vector rationalisation

Biutils compatilibility breakage in 2.24 for PPC

Call for Topics and Sponsors -- Workshop on Open Source Development Tools 2014 (i.e. HelloGCC Workshop)

Commit: LD: Remove default-manifest.o from Cygwin/MingGW links

Re: Configuring ld linker to generate ELF files on Windows for cross compilation to linux 32 & 64bit

Re: Contributing new gcc targets: i386-*-dragonfly and x86-64-*-dragonfly

Cross compiling for Linux on Windows (ld linker output file won't run as executable on linux and has undefined symbols)

Cross ld build problems

Don't use vma to identify eh_frame personality function

fill ppc476 fixup area

Fix 16846, LTO mismatched TLS reference

Fix map file reference

Fix spurious failures in ld-plugin/lto.exp


git hash for binutils 2.24 release

Re: gold regression vs BFD ld: __ehdr_start

Re: gold vs libc

ICF on PowerPC Bug

ld does not recognize lto objects?

Linker script section assignment issue

Making gas generate fixups for label differences

Mips target in gold - revision 3 - part 1

Mips target in gold - revision 3 - part 2

objcopy --redefine-sym(s) segfaults on mach-o-i386

Pad sections according to current script FILL

ppc476 again

ppc476 gas: warn on data in code sections

ppc476 plt call stubs

PR ld/16787, stale dwarf2 stash

PR16867, linking object with separate debug file

Proposed linker feature

Report an error on objcopy/strip of sectionless binaries

Sort target vectors to suit renaming

tilepro-linux: Broken in TC_CONS_FIX_NEW

Re: vdso handling

Vendor branches on's binutils-gdb repo

why_live ?

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