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Re: bfd target vector rationalisation

On 04/30/14 08:35, Alan Modra wrote:
This renames the bfd targets to <cpu>_<format>_<other>_<endian>_vec.
So for example, bfd_elf32_ntradlittlemips_vec becomes
mips_elf32_ntrad_le_vec and hp300bsd_vec becomes m68k_aout_hp300bsd_vec.

The idea being to expose the cpu and format in some of the odd target
names like hp300bsd_vec, and to then group target vectors in target.c
and by cpu after sorting.  Hopefully this will help
maintainers notice that some change for a particular target, eg. an
arm-elf testsuite addition, might affect other similar targets,
eg. need adjusting for arm-aout.  Sorting isn't done in this patch.
The next patch will do that.

I realize this has the potential to break gdb, sim and other packages
that use bfd, but I think gdb and sim are OK.  I know oprofile will
break, and I intend to send a patch to cure that problem.  Are there
other packages out there that use bfd, and access target vectors
FWIW, no objections to the hp300bsd changes; it's a dead platform. I don't recall if I ever contributed the hp200bsd bits, but if you need to twiddle them, go for it.

Similarly for any hp700/hp800/hppa bits.


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