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RE: [PATCH 1/2] Add support for O32 FPXX ABI

> Matthew Fortune <> writes:
> > 1) I'm not sure there is much value encoding the gpr_size as log2
> > versus just having an enum for the two current widths. I'm not that
> > bothered though so if you have a gut feeling it would be better log2
> > then fine.
> An enum is fine with me.  The only other obvious value would be 128
> (r5900/r7900), which would presumably be enum value 3, so we end up with
> log2 - 4 anyway.

I meant to ask you about your reference to r5900/r7900.  Is this the 'Emotion
Engine'? I've never seen the documentation for this but I see the references
in mips-opc.c about VU0 macromode instructions.
> > 2) I changed fpr_size to fp_abi. It gives some synergy with
> > gnu_attributes and I have re-used the same values
> OK, but...
> > 3) I'm not sure we need to track FP register width specifically. In
> > the end the MSA ABI is actually a no-change so recording MSA ABI is
> > not necessary but recording the presence of the MSA ASE is useful. I'm
> > suggesting we use this along with the fp_abi to determine the width of
> > the fp registers.
> ...the reason I suggested an fpr size was that it allowed the MSA
> register width to be separated from the ASE revision number.
> Let's specify this on the assumption that there'll be a 256-bit MSA in
> future.  What would be the best way of representing that?  I'd rather
> not use the ASE field, since I think ASE compatibility should as far as
> possible be a case of ORing the input ASEs together.

I don't have a big problem with fpr_size but the only thing we can use it
for is to track the widest required register. I implemented gpr_size to be
stricter as we can't mix 32-bit and 64-bit ABIs though I guess just
tracking widest would be OK there as well?

I think I've realised what scenario you are accounting for with MSA.
Something like... 'MSAv2' that supports more vector operations and also
256-bit registers but it is possible to use just the 128-bit subset and
make use of the new operations.

I'd propose changing the start of the structure to the following:

unsigned short version;
unsigned char isa_level; 
unsigned char isa_rev; 
unsigned char gpr_size; 
unsigned char cpr1_size; 
unsigned char cpr2_size;
unsigned char fp_abi;

> > 4) isa_ext and ases make direct use of the existing masks used by gas
> > and I have moved all these to be part of the include/elf/mips.h
> > header. This does leave one small annoyance which is that 64-bit
> > versions of ASEs don't really need to be included in this mask but are
> > for reasons internal to gas. I'm not sure what to do with this, I'm
> > thinking some rework of tc-mips to avoid the need for the 64-bit
> > versions of the ASEs in the mask.
> I'll try to look at this over the weekend.  I agree we don't want to
> expose the 64-bit flags outside binutils.
> > As before it would be useful to get comments on the ABI aspects of
> > this first. I will then update the FPXX specification accordingly when
> > the last few details are ironed out.
> My main concern is about the isa_ext field being a bitmask rather than
> an enum.  The reason we use a bitmask internally is because some
> instructions are defined in the same way for more than one processor
> extension and using a bitmask avoids duplicate opcode entries.  But I
> think the isa_ext field is conceptually an enum and compatibility should
> just be a case of:
>   0 comb X -> X
>   X comb 0 -> X
>   X comb X -> X
>   error otherwise
> AFAICT, for all current values, any isa_ext with two bits set would
> either be impossible (because the two extensions aren't compatible) or
> be redundant (because one extension is itself an extension of the
> other).

I realised this after starting to change things.  I'd like to find a way to
use the same defines in the structure and gas internals if possible even if
one has to be derived rather than direct. I.e. construct a bit mask with
1 << AFL_EXT_something.

> FWIW, the ABI side looks good to me otherwise at first glance.

I'll start writing this up with the view that the structure may change a
little bit still.


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