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Re: Contributing new gcc targets: i386-*-dragonfly and x86-64-*-dragonfly

On 4/20/2014 14:51, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 19 April 2014 20:39, John Marino wrote:
>> Hello GCC developers,
>> For the last few years, I have been maintaining a large set of patches
>> that add support for the DragonFly BSD target and also complete Ada
>> frontend support on all four major BSDs among other things.  Before I
>> can submit patches for Ada or testsuite cases, DragonFly must be a
>> recognized, working target.  The patches attached here will provide
>> out-of-the-box support for the C, C++, Objective-C and Fortran frontends.
> Thanks for the patch - I only have a few general, minor comments. As
> noted at C++ library patches should go
> to the libstdc++ list as well as gcc-patches, so I've CC'd that list
> (original mail and patch are at
> Patches should not include generated files such as configure, as the
> diffs don't always apply cleanly and the changes are implied by the
> patches to files such as acinclude.m4 and The
> regenerated versions should of course be committed, and the ChangeLog
> should mention they are regenerated, as you've done.

Thanks for your advice, Jonathan.
I've updated the patch to remove the two "configure" file patches.  I
also removed an errant "-rpath" from the dragonfly.h specs that crept in
from FreeBSD ports.  I've attached the updated patch to this email.

> The changelog text should be correctly capitalised and sentences ended
> with a period (e.g. "New target." and "New." not "New target" and
> "new"). The individual ChangeLog entries at
> would generally be used as the commit message, grouped and prefixed by
> the name of the sub-directory:

I have updated the six entry files at to
conform to this style.  I updated the proposed commit message

> The libstdc++ changes are OK for trunk if the rest gets approved.

I see from the critique of another submitted patch that also touches
liberty that I'm supposed to cross-post to gdb and binutils, so I've
cc'd them as well.


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