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Re: [PATCH 1/2] pe/coff: Avoid a crash using objdump -p on the output of objcopy --only-keep-debug

On 08/04/2014 11:04, Nicholas Clifton wrote:
>> I also posted a set of patches back in January [1].  I'd be grateful for any
>> comments on those.
>> [1]
> Oops - sorry - that one slipped through the net.
> I reviewed and applied the patches.  They were OK although there were a few
> minor problems:
>   * You did not update ld.textinfo's description of the --build-id linker
> command line option to mention the support for COFF format files.
>   * There were quite a few places where the GNU Coding Standard was not being
> followed.  Especially the space between a function name and its opening
> parenthesis.  Ie "foo (bar)" not "foo(bar)".
>   * Since this is a new feature it should also be mentioned in ld/NEWS.
> I took care of all of these issues.

Thanks very much for doing that.  I shall try to bear those points in mind in
the future.

When rebasing, I notice that some other changes seem to have been mixed into
this commit:

- some changes related to long section name handling in pe(|p).em
- some changes in ldmain.c to handling -v as the only command line option
- some whitespace changes

I wonder if that was deliberate?

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