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Re: [PATCH, i386][3/3] Update to match latest AVX512 spec.

On 24 Feb 08:30, H.J. Lu wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 5:22 AM, Ilya Tocar <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Currently support version of vctps2ph with sae and only 1 register
>                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Please fix
> commit log.  It should be vcvtps2ph.
> > operand. This version is encoded as if missing operand was equal to
> > ymm0. I didn't found any references to this variant in
> >
> > Attached patch removes it. Testing passes. Ok for trunk?
> vcvtps2ph supports memory destination.  Please add AVX512F testcases
> with memory destination.
We already have such tests. See e. g. on lines 6883-6890 in
gas/testsuite/gas/i386/avx512f.s we have:

	vcvtps2ph	$0xab, %zmm6, (%ecx)	 # AVX512F
	vcvtps2ph	$0xab, %zmm6, (%ecx){%k7}	 # AVX512F
	vcvtps2ph	$123, %zmm6, (%ecx)	 # AVX512F
	vcvtps2ph	$123, %zmm6, -123456(%esp,%esi,8)	 # AVX512F
	vcvtps2ph	$123, %zmm6, 4064(%edx)	 # AVX512F Disp8
	vcvtps2ph	$123, %zmm6, 4096(%edx)	 # AVX512F
	vcvtps2ph	$123, %zmm6, -4096(%edx)	 # AVX512F Disp8

Do we need additional tests?

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