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RE: [MIPS] avoiding certain instruction in delay slots

> -----Original Message-----
> From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Sandiford
> Subject: Re: [MIPS] avoiding certain instruction in delay slots
> >
> > Sven Anderson <> writes:
> > On 03.02.2014 15:57, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> >
> > Well, these patches barely have enough originality to be covered by
> > copyright, but anyway I would rewrite them on my own. The question is
> > more, if this errata workaround is of general interest, since it
> > doesn't seem to be public and I have no idea which other SoC might
> > have the same bug. Is it usual that errata are confidential? If yes,
> > how are they usually handled by gcc/gas?
> Well, it's getting on for 10 years since I handled an errata directly :-) (except
> for the well-known R10000 speculation problems, which are public).
> The ones I did back then weren't confidential as far as I know, since the
> customer actively wanted us to add the -mfix- flags and were prepared for a
> summary of the errata to be mentioned in the comments and
> documentation.
> CodeSourcery were the ones who implemented the -mfix-24k option.
> I don't know whether this errata was deliberately excluded or whether it
> wasn't known at the time.

It wasn't known at the time.

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