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RE: [MIPS] Is it legal for the assembler to generate more than 64K sections?

From: Richard Sandiford []
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2014 12:29 PM
To: Jack Carter
Cc: H.J. Lu;
Subject: Re: [MIPS] Is it legal for the assembler to generate more than 64K sections?

>> Does this mean everywhere in binutils and glibc for MIPS that there is a
>> data structure that could store a section index that it needs to be
>> increased to 32 bits?
>    This member holds the number of entries in the section header
>    table. Thus the product of e_shentsize and e_shnum gives the section
>    header table's size in bytes. If a file has no section header table,
>    e_shnum holds the value zero.
>    If the number of sections is greater than or equal to SHN_LORESERVE
>    (0xff00), this member has the value zero and the actual number of
>    section header table entries is contained in the sh_size field of
>    the section header at index 0. (Otherwise, the sh_size member of the
>    initial entry contains 0.)
>What's the problem you're seeing exactly?  I wasn't sure from your
>original message.

We have a "canadian_cross" build of LLVM and have been getting off and on link time errors from one of the input object files RecursiveASTVisitorTest.o. :

(.text._ZN4llvm25SmallVectorTemplateCommonIN5clang19RecursiveASTVisitorINS1_11AttrVisitorEE10EnqueueJobEvE4backEv[_ZN4llvm25SmallVectorTemplateCommonIN5clang19RecursiveASTVisitorINS1_11AttrVisitorEE10EnqueueJobEvE4backEv]+0x64): relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_GOT16 against `no symbol'

Basically building LLVM with a MIPS GCC. I noticed that the section count was way above 16 bits and seized on that as being the culprit.

>From the information you and H.J. have pointed me to, I need to dig further. Why I never knew about this trap door for section overflow is beyond me :-| Probably since I never hit the limit myself.



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