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Re: [PATCH] PR gas/16488: Add test for incorrect memory operand for gather/scatter instructions.

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 6:38 AM, Michael Zolotukhin
<> wrote:
>> You added 2 tests for AT&T syntax, but only 1 for
>> Intel syntax.  Any particular reason for this?
> Yes, the following test doesn't give an error:
>       vgatherqpd zmm6{k1}, ZMMWORD PTR [zmm3]
> I think it's because it is equivalent to something like vgatherqpd
> (,%zmm2,),%zmm6{%k1} (please note commas around zmm2), which also
> doesn't lead to an error.  I assume that in Intel syntax this test is
> regarded as a rich addressing mode, which is acceptable for
> gather/scatters. However, I'm not sure about this - please correct me
> if I'm wrong.

You can use "zmm3+riz" to force zmm as base register:

[hjl@gnu-6 tmp]$ cat sib.s
    vgatherqpd (%zmm2),%zmm6{%k1}
    .intel_syntax noprefix
    vgatherqpd zmm6{k1}, ZMMWORD PTR [zmm3+riz]
    vgatherqpd zmm6{k1}, ZMMWORD PTR [zmm3+rax]
[hjl@gnu-6 tmp]$ gcc -c sib.s
sib.s: Assembler messages:
sib.s:3: Error: `(%zmm2)' is not a valid base/index expression
sib.s:5: Error: `ZMMWORD PTR [zmm3+riz]' is not a valid base/index expression
[hjl@gnu-6 tmp]$


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