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[Patch] PR16445 - fix build of binutils-gdb

Hi all,

building the GIT version of binutils-gdb fails on RHEL 6 since a couple
of days, using the current trunk build of GCC 4.9. It did work on January 10.

See PR16445 for the full build log. However, the failue is:

 In file included from ../../../gdb/gdbserver/linux-x86-low.c:29:0:
 ../../../gdb/gdbserver/../../include/elf/common.h:36:0: error: "ELFMAG0"
                 redefined [-Werror]

(BTW: I didn't do anything special to build it, just:
 ../configure --prefix=... && make)

In the attached patch, I brute-forcely use #undef before all #defines,
doing so for only a few defines would fix the build failure as well. As
would  #ifndef ... #endif

Is the patch okay? If so, could someone commit it for me?


PS: Sorry for zipping the attachment but otherwise, it won't pass
    Sourceware's spam filter

2014-01-17  Tobias Burnus  <>

        PR gdb/16445
        * common.h: #undef defines before defining.

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