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Issue with --unique=.text.* on hppa


I've been troubleshooting an issue with ld when using --unique=.text.* and
building cmake.

When linking, multiple input files have the section .text.startup. This
particular section is not declared in the default linker script, it's created
as an orphan section.

The function lang_place_orphans() from ld/ldlang.c marks the constraint of the output section as SPECIAL and one .text.startup output section is created for
each input file containing this section.

Later, in hppaelf_add_stub_section() from ld/emultempl/hppaelf.em, the
lang_output_section_statement_type corresponding to the unique output
section created for this input section is looked up using
lang_output_section_find(). The problem with this approach is that it will
find the first output section matching the name '.text.startup'.

Afterwards, hook_in_stub() is called from the same file and it tries to match any section from the lang_output_section_statement_type which input_section match
the input section we are trying to hook (hppaelf.em:139).

This works for the first one but obviously breaks for subsequent ones leading
to a segfault later on because some sections are not hooked up.

How should this be solved ?
- add .text.startup and other to the default linker script ?
  This approach seems more like a workaround than a real fix.

- use a different way to find the correct lang_output_section_statement_type ? Maybe the lang_output_section_statement_type should be directly set in the
  struct asection of the input_section instead of setting
input_section->output_section and then later on find the statement based
  on the name of the output_section

Also, this behaviour seem to be the same on multiple arch (arm, aarch64,
mips, ...).


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