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Gold on solaris 2.10 sparc

First of all i would like to apologize my bad english. Second i hope this mailing list, is the right one for this topic.

I try to get gold of binutils 2.24 working on solaris 2.10 sparc.

so i compiled binutils with the --enable-gold=yes option and compiled gcc 4.8.2 with --enable-gold=yes and as the default linker.

On Solaris 2.10 X86 everything seems to work.

On Sparc i get a bus error when invoking:

   g++ -gsplit-dwarf -c test.c
   g++ -Wl,--gdb-index test.o -o testen 

     collect2: error: ld terminated with signal 10 [Bus Error], core dumped

When i remove the --gdb-index option, the crash disappears.

Pstack is:

 00384dec _ZN6elfcpp4SwapILi64ELb0EE8writevalEPyy (fb8864bc, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) + 28
 003b95a0 _ZN6elfcpp4SwapILi64ELb0EE8writevalEPhy (fb8864bc, 0, 0, 494d, 0, adf1) + 1c
 00580d18 _ZN4gold9Gdb_index8do_writeEPNS_11Output_fileE (a3d190, b9d340, b88190, 39, c, ffbfb7c3) + 1d0
 004d9398 _ZN4gold11Output_data5writeEPNS_11Output_fileE (a3d190, b9d340, e9768, fba4b370, 0, ffbfb82c) + 24
 00684a74 _ZN4gold14Output_section13Input_section5writeEPNS_11Output_fileE (a39450, b9d340, 0, 4, 0, 64a7) + 40
 00689878 _ZN4gold14Output_section8do_writeEPNS_11Output_fileE (a3cfb8, b9d340, b87910, 33, 0, 64a4) + 3ec
 004d9398 _ZN4gold11Output_data5writeEPNS_11Output_fileE (a3cfb8, b9d340, e9768, fba4b370, 0, b9d810) + 24
 (ffbfee58, b9d340, fba47940, 0, fbb62a40, b9d340) + 178
 005ff984 _ZN4gold31Write_after_input_sections_task3runEPNS_9WorkqueueE (a1e5b8, ffbff40c, ffbfba8c, ffbfeeb0, ffbfef00, 0) + 24
 007bcd20 _ZN4gold9Workqueue17find_and_run_taskEi (ffbff40c, 0, 9d2a68, 8bd378, 1, 1c) + 19c
 007bd50c _ZN4gold9Workqueue7processEi (ffbff40c, 0, ffbfbb88, ffbff40c, 9d2a88, 9d0eb0) + 14
 0033d0f4 main     (1d, ffbff4cc, ffbff544, 0, ffbfbb90, ffbff440) + 750
 0033c760 _start   (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) + 5c

Is gold currently supported on sparc platforms ? 

Thank you in advance

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