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Re: [patch gas]: Set correct dwarf2 return column value for x64 windows target

Hmm, the call-clobber-set is still different between x86_64 abi and
x64 ms abi.  So this is for sure not the case.  It is a bit long ago
to recall all details.  nevertheless save-region for x64 is/was quite

You weren't trying by accident to use x86_64 abi to interpret x64 one?


2013/12/18 Pierre Muller <>:
>   Hi all,
>   sorry to dig out this very old stuff...
> but I do not understand that patch which
> seem to me to be responsible for the fact that
> mingw64 CFI states that the return column is 32 (which corresponds to xmm15
> register)
> This is also seen in GDB where info frame always states
> that register xmm15 is saved at the same location than rip...
>   In fact, I was puzzled by this xmm15 saved register and it took me some
> time
> to understand why xmm15 was used.
>   I finally tracked it down to the patch below,
> and by reverting it in gas/cconfig/tc-i386.c
> I was able to get more sensible frame information both
> with objdump -W and with GDB.
>   Could it be that the reason of your patch:
> " which has a different call-clobber set."
>   does not apply anymore and that thus using 16 which is indeed
> the dwarf register number of RIP register
> is the correct value?
> Pierre Muller...
> tired after a long bug hunt...
> PS: I also tried out the cygwin64 target and the patch
> seems also wrong there.
>> -----Message d'origine-----
>> De : [mailto:binutils-
>>] De la part de Kai Tietz
>> Envoyé : vendredi 21 janvier 2011 17:06
>> À : Binutils
>> Cc : Nick Clifton
>> Objet : [patch gas]: Set correct dwarf2 return column value for x64
>> windows target
>> Hello,
>> this patch corrects the value of dwarf2_return_column in tc-i386 for
>> x64 windows, which has a different call-clobber set.
>> ChangeLog
>> 2011-01-21  Kai Tietz
>>         * config/tc-i386.c (md_begin): Set for x64 windows COFF target
>>         x86_dwarf2_return_column to 32.
>> Tested for x86-64-pc-mingw32. Ok for apply?
>> Regards,
>> Kai

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