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Re: [PATCH] Add MIPS ufr macro instruction

Hi Andrew,

Looks good, thanks, but is there any reason not to use mips_cp1_names_mips3264
for all MIPS32 and MIPS64 targets?  I realise some of them don't have an FPU,
but if we see (presumably emulated) FPU instructions anyway, then I think we
might as well follow the architecture names for the registers.


Andrew Bennett <> writes:
> @@ -525,43 +571,43 @@ const struct mips_arch_choice mips_arch_choices[] =
>    { "sb1",	1, bfd_mach_mips_sb1, CPU_SB1,
>      ISA_MIPS64 | INSN_SB1,  ASE_MIPS3D,
>      mips_cp0_names_sb1,
>      mips_cp0sel_names_sb1, ARRAY_SIZE (mips_cp0sel_names_sb1),
> -    mips_hwr_names_numeric },
> +    mips_cp1_names_numeric, mips_hwr_names_numeric },

SB1 did have an FPU.

If you agree, then the patch is OK with every ISA_MIPS32* and ISA_MIPS64*
entry having mips_cp1_names_mips3264.  If not then let me know :-)

If you don't have commit access yet then please feel to sign up using: listing me as approver.


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