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Re: [gold, strip] Question about the changed offset when stripping

> I did some investigation.  I think gold is wrong.  I
> opened:

If, by "wrong", you mean "different from Gnu ld", then sure. But I
don't think it's doing anything wrong in either case. The file offset
for a BSS section is completely meaningless, so whether we plug in the
next available value before or after aligning it is irrelevant. For
the TLS segment, including the padding in memsz but not in filesz is
also irrelevant, and should be harmless, although I'll admit that it
might be worth fixing that just for consistency's sake.

In my opinion, the real problems are: (a) strip basically re-draws the
file, and since it uses the same underlying framework as Gnu ld, it
produces the same output that Gnu ld would have produced; and (b) GDB
concludes that the stripped and unstripped files don't match just
because of irrelevant differences caused by (a). I think it's
impractical to insist that gold produce the same bits in all such
cases (keeping in mind that I'm sure we haven't found the last of


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