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[PATCH] gprof: print source file names inline

Hi all,

this is my first attempt to contribute to binutils, so please excuse if
I missed anything in terms of etiquette and let me know :)

Attached is a patch agains current master that adds the option
"--inline-file-names" to gprof.

If used, gprof will print the source file and line after each symbol
name in both the flat profile and the call graph. As example, these are
the first few lines of a sample output:

The ouput obeys the -L option (full paths).

I find this useful for larger projects, both in terms of immediate
oversight when looking at the flat profile and the ability to
grep/search for certain things when automatically parsing the output of

 - Any interest at all in such an addition?
 - What changes may be required in terms of style, naming conventions,
 - If the previous items are resolved, can patches be contributed by
   mail or should I set up a repo that you can pull & merge from?

diff --git a/gprof/gprof.c b/gprof/gprof.c
index 8d54538..508a024 100644
--- a/gprof/gprof.c
+++ b/gprof/gprof.c
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ bfd_boolean line_granularity = FALSE;
 bfd_boolean print_descriptions = TRUE;
 bfd_boolean print_path = FALSE;
 bfd_boolean ignore_non_functions = FALSE;
+bfd_boolean inline_file_names = FALSE;
 File_Format file_format = FF_AUTO;
 bfd_boolean first_output = TRUE;
@@ -91,8 +92,9 @@ static char *default_excluded_list[] =
 /* Codes used for the long options with no short synonyms.  150 isn't
    special; it's just an arbitrary non-ASCII char value.  */
-#define OPTION_DEMANGLE		(150)
+#define OPTION_DEMANGLE				(150)
 static struct option long_options[] =
@@ -123,6 +125,7 @@ static struct option long_options[] =
   {"no-demangle", no_argument, 0, OPTION_NO_DEMANGLE},
   {"directory-path", required_argument, 0, 'I'},
   {"display-unused-functions", no_argument, 0, 'z'},
+  {"inline-file-names", no_argument, 0, OPTION_INLINE_FILE_NAMES},
   {"min-count", required_argument, 0, 'm'},
   {"print-path", no_argument, 0, 'L'},
   {"separate-files", no_argument, 0, 'y'},
@@ -162,7 +165,7 @@ Usage: %s [-[abcDhilLsTvwxyz]] [-[ACeEfFJnNOpPqSQZ][name]] [-I dirs]\n\
 	[--[no-]annotated-source[=name]] [--[no-]exec-counts[=name]]\n\
 	[--[no-]flat-profile[=name]] [--[no-]graph[=name]]\n\
 	[--[no-]time=name] [--all-lines] [--brief] [--debug[=level]]\n\
-	[--function-ordering] [--file-ordering]\n\
+	[--function-ordering] [--file-ordering] [--inline-file-names]\n\
 	[--directory-path=dirs] [--display-unused-functions]\n\
 	[--file-format=name] [--file-info] [--help] [--line] [--min-count=n]\n\
 	[--no-static] [--print-path] [--separate-files]\n\
@@ -470,6 +473,9 @@ This program is free software.  This program has absolutely no warranty.\n"));
 	  demangle = FALSE;
+	  inline_file_names = TRUE;
+	  break;
 	  usage (stderr, 1);
diff --git a/gprof/gprof.h b/gprof/gprof.h
index 69527fc..c919ea4 100644
--- a/gprof/gprof.h
+++ b/gprof/gprof.h
@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ extern bfd_boolean line_granularity;	/* function or line granularity? */
 extern bfd_boolean print_descriptions;	/* output profile description */
 extern bfd_boolean print_path;		/* print path or just filename? */
 extern bfd_boolean ignore_non_functions; /* Ignore non-function symbols.  */
+extern bfd_boolean inline_file_names;	/* print file names after symbols */
 extern File_Format file_format;		/* requested file format */
diff --git a/gprof/gprof.texi b/gprof/gprof.texi
index 30f43f9..2481624 100644
--- a/gprof/gprof.texi
+++ b/gprof/gprof.texi
@@ -556,6 +556,11 @@ call graph.
 If @var{symspec} is specified, @code{gprof} prints a call graph,
 but excludes matching symbols.
+@item --inline-file-names
+This option causes @code{gprof} to print the source file after each
+symbol in both the flat profile and the call graph. The full path to the
+file is printed if used with the @samp{-L} option.
 @item -t
 @itemx --table-length=@var{num}
 The @samp{-t} option causes the @var{num} most active source lines in
diff --git a/gprof/utils.c b/gprof/utils.c
index f349841..4fc2db6 100644
--- a/gprof/utils.c
+++ b/gprof/utils.c
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ print_name_only (Sym *self)
       printf ("%s", name);
       size = strlen (name);
-      if (line_granularity && self->file)
+      if ((line_granularity || inline_file_names) && self->file)
 	  filename = self->file->name;
 	  if (!print_path)
@@ -73,8 +73,15 @@ print_name_only (Sym *self)
 		  filename = self->file->name;
-	  sprintf (buf, " (%s:%d @ %lx)", filename, self->line_num,
-		   (unsigned long) self->addr);
+	  if (line_granularity)
+	    {
+	      sprintf (buf, " (%s:%d @ %lx)", filename, self->line_num,
+		       (unsigned long) self->addr);
+	    }
+	  else
+	    {
+	      sprintf (buf, " (%s:%d)", filename, self->line_num);
+	    }
 	  printf ("%s", buf);
 	  size += strlen (buf);

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