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[COMMITTED PATCH] *-*-nacl* layout: Drop requirement that some section have SEC_HAS_CONTENTS set.

This check was useless for the imaginary case it was trying to handle, and
it broke a real case because an unfinished section does
not have SEC_HAS_CONTENTS set for some reason (despite its not being
destined to produce SHT_NOBITS).

Committed to trunk and 2.24 branch.

2013-11-01  Roland McGrath  <>

	* elf-nacl.c (segment_eligible_for_headers): Drop requirement that
	some section have SEC_HAS_CONTENTS set.  It's not set for, and a segment of only read-only SHT_NOBITS
	sections is implausible and not really supportable anyway.

--- a/bfd/elf-nacl.c
+++ b/bfd/elf-nacl.c
@@ -44,14 +44,13 @@ segment_executable (struct elf_segment_map *seg)

 /* Determine if this segment is eligible to receive the file and program
-   headers.  It must be read-only, non-executable, and have contents.
+   headers.  It must be read-only and non-executable.
    Its first section must start far enough past the page boundary to
    allow space for the headers.  */
 static bfd_boolean
 segment_eligible_for_headers (struct elf_segment_map *seg,
 			      bfd_vma minpagesize, bfd_vma sizeof_headers)
-  bfd_boolean any_contents = FALSE;
   unsigned int i;
   if (seg->count == 0 || seg->sections[0]->lma % minpagesize < sizeof_headers)
     return FALSE;
@@ -59,10 +58,8 @@ segment_eligible_for_headers (struct elf_segment_map *seg,
       if ((seg->sections[i]->flags & (SEC_CODE|SEC_READONLY)) != SEC_READONLY)
 	return FALSE;
-      if (seg->sections[i]->flags & SEC_HAS_CONTENTS)
-	any_contents = TRUE;
-  return any_contents;
+  return TRUE;

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