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[buildrobot] readelf.c (decode_arm_unwind): Initialise addr structure

[buildrobot][patch] aarch64: Fix ifunc support

[buildrobot][PATCH]: gas/config/tc-score.c:4492: error: missing braces around initializer

[COMMITTED PATCH] add com macro instruction to Test Suite.

[COMMITTED PATCH] avoid addition to string literal in readelf.c

[COMMITTED PATCH] avoid non-ASCII/non-UTF8 character in string literal in winduni.c

[COMMITTED PATCH] avoid strange arithmetic with strings in ldmisc.c

[COMMITTED PATCH] BFD: elf64-x86-64-nacl: Correct 9-byte nop sequence used in PLT0 entry.

[COMMITTED PATCH] cast Booleanish expression to int when used in switch

[COMMITTED PATCH] cast enum values to type of initializer in cr{16,x}-opc.c

[COMMITTED PATCH] Fix redundant const qualifiers in elfxx-tilegx.c

[COMMITTED PATCH] gold: be consistent in struct vs class for forward decl

[COMMITTED PATCH] gold: x86_64-nacl: Correct 9-byte nop sequence to match what the assembler generates.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Remove dead use of uninitialized variable in xcofflink.c

[COMMITTED PATCH] Remove duplicate const qualifiers in v850-dis.c

[COMMITTED PATCH] Removed field from xgate opcode table.

[COMMITTED PATCH] use ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED rather than dummy assignments

[gold commit] Fix testsuite issues in PR gold/16010

[gold commit] Restore support for dwp v2 DWARF package file format

[ld] ld COFF support??

[libiberty] xmalloc cannot return NULL

[MIPS, committed] Add tests for MIPS16 and microMIPS PLTs

[MIPS, committed] Set pointer_equality_needed for more relocations

[PATCH 0/6] x86: various MPX fixes

[PATCH 0/9] PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI support.

[PATCH 1/6] x86/MPX: testsuite adjustments

[PATCH 1/9] Report overflow on PowerPC64 @h and @ha relocations.

[PATCH 2/6] x86/MPX: fix address size handling

[PATCH 2/9] Change plt stubs to have destination in r12.

[PATCH 3/6] x86/MPX: suppress base/index swapping in Intel mode for bndmk, bndldx, and bndstx

[PATCH 3/9] Add .abiversion related support for ELFv2

[PATCH 4/6] x86/MPX: bndmk, bndldx, and bndstx only allow a memory operand

[PATCH 4/9] Add ELFv2 .localentry support.

[PATCH 5/6] x86/MPX: fix operand size handling

[PATCH 5/9] ELFv2 stub, plt and glink changes

[PATCH 6/6] x86/MPX: bndmk, bndldx, and bndstx don't allow RIP-relative addressing

[PATCH 6/9] Support ELFv2 stack frame.

[PATCH 7/9] Replace DT_PPC_TLSOPT with DT_PPC_OPT.

[PATCH 8/9] Add PowerPC64 ELFv2 tests.

[PATCH 9/9] PowerPC64 ELFv2 support for gold.

[Patch ARM] Fix Neon vshll disassembly.

Re: [PATCH v2] aarch64: Add support for GNU indirect functions.

[patch, nios2] use "sstatus" as primary name of r30

[PATCH] Added FR80 processor support

Re: [PATCH] ar: fix deterministic usage of ar with mri scripts

[PATCH] arm32: accept PUSH.W and POP.W

[PATCH] avoid strange arithmetic with strings in i386-dis.c

[PATCH] Committed: Sync config/{ChangeLog,mh-darwin,} from GCC

[PATCH] Committed: Sync configure{.ac,} from GCC

[PATCH] Committed: Update ./configure{.ac,}

[PATCH] don't include symbols from S_ATTR_NO_TOC sections in mach-o canonical symtab output

[PATCH] dwarf.c: Fix build with non-GCC compilers

[PATCH] Facilitate deterministic pe executables between linker invocations

[PATCH] Fix for PR 15993

[PATCH] Fix microMIPS dmfgc0 and dmtgc0 opcodes

Re: [PATCH] fix PR symtab/15597

[PATCH] gas: delete unnecessary skip of whitespace

[PATCH] gold testsuite: avoid unused private member in

[PATCH] gold testsuite: conditionalize -fmerge-constants use, clean up test

[PATCH] gold testsuite: use -Werror in -mtls-dialect=gnu2 check

[PATCH] gold testsuite: use -Wl,-T

[PATCH] gold: conditionalize declaration of conditionally-used field Once::was_run_lock_.

[PATCH] gold: remove false const from Target::do_adjust_elf_header

[PATCH] gold: remove unused methods in Output_data_got_powerpc

[PATCH] gold: remove unused private members

[PATCH] HPPA/PR16082 : Remove version information on hidden symbols

[PATCH] implement correct alignment for Mach-O archive entries

[PATCH] ld/ELF: refine fake STT_FILE symbol emission

[PATCH] m68k: Add DT_DEBUG also for PIE executables

[PATCH] MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA) patch

Re: [PATCH] mips/bfd/ld: Fix --as-needed on mips and update related ld tests

[PATCH] Reorder MSA branches

[PATCH] S390: Disassemble 31-bit binaries with "zarch" opcode set by default

[PATCH] windres: align resource data to 64 bits in coff

[PATCH] x86-64: fix an asymmetry in suffix/register checking

[PATCH] x86/Intel: invlpg and prefetch* should allow any operand size

[PATCH] x86: fix build when REGISTER_WARNINGS is zero

[PATCH][ARM][gas] Accept narrow form of tst<condition> rd, rn in Thumb mode

[ping] [buildrobot][PATCH]: gas/config/tc-score.c:4492: error: missing braces around initializer

[RFA] Add support for pretty-printing .debug_gnu_pubnames, pubtypes

Re: [x86-64 psABI] RFC: Extend x86-64 PLT entry to support MPX

acceptance rules (was: Re: [PATCH 3/6] x86/MPX: suppress base/index swapping ...)

BFD_VERSION_DATE no longer updated nightly

Binutils 2.22 FR80 patch

Re: binutils-2.23.90 snapshot is available

Build regression on 32-bit hosts [Re: [PATCH] fix PR symtab/15597]

Re: Commit: Fix display of 64-bit CFI and FDE frames

Commit: Fix display of DW_FORM_ref8 attribute values

Commit: Fix resource leaks reported by cppcheck

Commit: GAS MSP430: Add support for "<foo>.a" aliases of "<foo>a"

Commit: nm: -D, no symbols and multiple files

Commit: objdump.exp: Update expected cpu list

Committed: fix CRIS linker SEGV trigged by --as-needed.

Deterministic windres coff output

Re: Differing archives on and

File missing from the git: texinfo/texinfo.tex

git conversion status

git is live

git login -> name mapping

git switchover complete

glibc use of EI_ABIVERSION

Is there filter-like functionality in binutils?

ldflags/cflags in ld regression tests

MinGW objcopy and --add-section

New git repository coming

Re: PATCH: Add check_lto_available

PR16056, objcopy -R .gnu_debuglink failure on binary created by gold

Re: RFA: support in src-release to create a release-style sim.tar.bz2

RFC: Possible tweak to MIPS16/microMIPS PLT choice

src.git test repository

starting git migration

stpcpy() redefined

Strange behaviour of disassembler for mips TX39

web sites (was: Re: git is live)

X86-64 System V Application Binary Interface group announcement

your change "bfd_find_nearest_line without debug info"

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