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Re: git is live

On Fri, 2013-10-25 at 05:07 +0200, Fred Cooke wrote:
> "It'd be nice if we could switch those to git too. I will look into
> that after the release."
> I was thinking the same thing, but it took immense self control not to
> say anything. Glad you did :-)

Assuming you're talking about the web site CVS archives on Savannah,
this issue is raised about every month or so on the GNU lists.  It
always ends the same way (so far): the infrastructure in Savannah and
the FSF servers (which are not at all tightly coupled and are managed by
completely different groups of people, IIUC) for automatic update of the
web site is built completely around CVS and CVS triggers.  There is
little interest on either side in trying to support multiple SCM systems
for managing the web pages, for the limited amount of added benefit (the
web pages are not updated very often so it's not seen as a big problem).

Changing this behavior would involve a lot of coordination between the
different teams, and any attempt to support Git would also mean people
using Mercurial, Bazaar, etc. on Savannah would want to have their
systems supported, etc.  Anyway, that's been the feeling up until this

On the other hand I'm sure many projects would be happy if you succeeded
in getting Git support for the web pages!

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