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Re: File missing from the git: texinfo/texinfo.tex

On Wed, 2013-10-23 at 10:51 -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Two, pretend the problem away and check in the file now.

> I don't really have a preference.  However it would be good to decide
> soon.  So, please send email today.

For what it's worth, in GNU make I don't archive this file at all;
instead I retrieve it dynamically from the gnulib repository.  I do this
with a bunch of files, such as po files and other things.  This forces
people who want to build from Git repos to run a "make update" rule
first but it's nice because I don't need to keep up with whatever's the
latest upstream.  Unless you have a need for some specialized version of
texinfo.tex this might be something to consider.

git-url =
target = $(patsubst get-%,%,$@)

gnulib-url = $(git-url)/gnulib.git/plain/build-aux/$(patsubst get-config/%,%,$@)
	@echo $(WGET) $(gnulib-url) -O $(target) \
	  && $(WGET) $(gnulib-url) -O $(target).t \
	  && $(move_if_change)

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