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Re: File missing from the git: texinfo/texinfo.tex

Redo it and maybe see if we can fix the discontinuity at the same
time? Maybe someone can take a look at the existing repo if you can
provide a hash/date/other identifier for the problem area, and find a
solution to use?

How about applying the texinfo to a temp branch and trying to weed out
other issues before going to the hassle, too?


On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 6:51 PM, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
>>>>>> "Hans-Peter" == Hans-Peter Nilsson <> writes:
> Hans-Peter> Just a heads-up.
> Hans-Peter> Looks like at least one file didn't make it in the git
> Hans-Peter> conversion; worse, one needed by the src-release targets (which
> Hans-Peter> is used to build releases and snapshots): texinfo/texinfo.tex.
> Hans-Peter> This will cause problems with people's autotesters and snapshot
> Hans-Peter> creation.  (Tom Tromey is alerted and on it; the git may have to
> Hans-Peter> be re-created or something like that.)
> I had put texinfo into the list of directories to remove before
> conversion.  This caused the problem.
> I think there are two choices to fix it.
> One, fix my script and redo the conversion.  This is easy, though (1) it
> takes quite a lot of time, (2) any git commits since the first
> conversion will have to be re-applied (there aren't many -- I can handle
> it), and (3) any work anybody else has done on a clone of the repository
> will have to be redone.
> The argument for this choice is mainly that it is more true to the
> history.  E.g., with the current git repository you can't faithfully
> re-create old releases.
> Two, pretend the problem away and check in the file now.
> I don't really have a preference.  However it would be good to decide
> soon.  So, please send email today.
> thanks,
> Tom

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