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git conversion status

I've uploaded a new trial version of src.git.  In this version:

* I've done the conversion with all the email address updates
* I fixed the encoding problem that Andreas noted
* I've tested the commit scripts and believe they work reasonably well

Please give it a try.  I plan to "go live" soon.

This week I am going to convert DJ's sync scripts to work with git; and
also post the gdbadmin patches for review.

After that I think the conversion is complete.  My plan for the big
switch is here.  Pardon the detail, but I think this process can also
use a review, in case I've forgotten a step.

  **Note** that the CVS->git convert I am using is not incremental, so
  commit access will be down during the conversion.  Based on past
  conversions I'd say this will be a good part of one working day.

* Disable all commits to src CVS and rsync it locally
  This is needed in case someone modifies a file that will remain
  writable in CVS after the conversion; I want to ensure we get a
  sensible snapshot.
  The downtime here will be minimal for projects other than

* Undo most of the commit disabling, leaving just those to the relevant
  directories in the src CVS repository.

* Do the conversion, using the scripts I've written:
  These are well debugged at this point.

* Commit the git-related gdb and binutils patches to this new

* Copy the converted repository back to sourceware.
  At this point git is live.

* Check in the web page changes

* Check in the gdbadmin changes

* Email Jim Meyering and ask him to disable the gdb.git and binutils.git

* Email Alan Modra and to switch his auto-commit script over

* Send out an announcement.

* Be around to fix bugs

Due to the final item I would like to do the conversion on a Monday, to
maximize the time I'll be available after the conversion.  I suggest
next Monday, October 21.


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