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Re: src.git test repository

> Joel> There will be issues with special-feature development branches, however.
> Joel> Let's say, for instance, that people want to collaborate on a certain
> Joel> feature, and use a branch for its development. If development takes
> Joel> a while, they might want to do regular merges from HEAD... We can adjust
> Joel> the rule to say that merges are verbotten except on branches whose name
> Joel> is prefixed by Eg. "topic/".
> Perhaps just prohibiting them on master is enough?

We could certainly start with that. I'd maybe also include
known branch patterns, such as the branches used for GDB and
binutils releases.

> Joel>   - we seem to be getting one email per push, instead of one email
> Joel>     per commit?
> I checked, and yeah, this is what happens.
> I think I can change that, if you want.
> Joel>   - Style check the revision log to forbid commits if the second
> Joel>     line (line after subject) is not empty. I have found that
> Joel>     this assumption is too ingrained everywhere in git, and that
> Joel>     not respecting it makes things look bad.
> While I agree that we ought to adopt a more git-ish commit style, this
> goes against my early plan of making as few "extra" change to our
> processes as possible.  I was leaving all non-essential change proposals
> for later, to avoid complicating the switchover.
> I guess if enough people +1 the idea I will do it.

Just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding: I don't think
we should tie these possible enhancements (presented as ideas to
be discussed later), to the actually switch to git. I think the
scripts and emails are already plenty good enough.

So I wouldn't rush on doing anything. When the time comes, and if
some of the the ideas gains ground, I can try helping with at least
some of those.

Likewise for the check preventing merges.

Thanks, Tom :)

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