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Re: [RFA] Add support for pretty-printing .debug_gnu_pubnames, pubtypes

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Evans <> writes:

Doug> +static const char *
Doug> +get_gdb_index_symbol_kind_name (gdb_index_symbol_kind kind)
Doug> +{
Doug> +  /* See gdb/gdb-index.h.  */
Doug> +  static const char * const kinds[] =
Doug> +  {
Doug> +    N_ ("no info"),
Doug> +    N_ ("type"),
Doug> +    N_ ("variable"),
Doug> +    N_ ("function"),
Doug> +    N_ ("other"),
Doug> +    N_ ("unused5"),
Doug> +    N_ ("unused6"),
Doug> +    N_ ("unused7")
Doug> +  };
Doug> +
Doug> +  return kinds[kind];

These are marked with N_ and returned verbatim, but...

Doug> +		  kind_name = get_gdb_index_symbol_kind_name (kind);
Doug> +		  is_static = GDB_INDEX_SYMBOL_STATIC_VALUE (kind_data);
Doug> +		  printf ("    %-6lx  %s,%-10s  %s\n",
Doug> +			  offset, is_static ? "s" : "g", kind_name, data);

... printed without passing them through gettext.

Either they should not be marked, or you need an explicit call to
gettext somewhere.


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