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Re: src.git test repository

Joel> There will be issues with special-feature development branches, however.
Joel> Let's say, for instance, that people want to collaborate on a certain
Joel> feature, and use a branch for its development. If development takes
Joel> a while, they might want to do regular merges from HEAD... We can adjust
Joel> the rule to say that merges are verbotten except on branches whose name
Joel> is prefixed by Eg. "topic/".

Perhaps just prohibiting them on master is enough?

Joel>   - we seem to be getting one email per push, instead of one email
Joel>     per commit?

I checked, and yeah, this is what happens.

I think I can change that, if you want.

Joel>   - Style check the revision log to forbid commits if the second
Joel>     line (line after subject) is not empty. I have found that
Joel>     this assumption is too ingrained everywhere in git, and that
Joel>     not respecting it makes things look bad.

While I agree that we ought to adopt a more git-ish commit style, this
goes against my early plan of making as few "extra" change to our
processes as possible.  I was leaving all non-essential change proposals
for later, to avoid complicating the switchover.

I guess if enough people +1 the idea I will do it.


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