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Re: src.git test repository

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <> writes:

Tom> I've made a src.git test repository for testing.  Please try it out.

Tom> This repository has all the configuration bits in it that I expect to
Tom> use in the final conversion -- email hooks, bugzilla hooks, etc.  Please
Tom> be aware of that if you make any changes.

One note here is that I am still considering a hook to reject merge

The rationale for this is that merge commits are ugly, and that it isn't
a big deal to require a rebase before a merge, so that any merge is a

I think it isn't onerous to follow this rule for all branches -- there
being plenty of options for git hosting where you can go nuts -- but of
course I welcome your considered reasons to think otherwise.

Tom> (I intend to test all these things live sometime this week.  So far
Tom> they've only been tested piecemeal on my machine.)

I've done various test commits and pushes and I think these scripts are
working adequately well.

If you want to see the current format of the commit messages, look at
one of the "cvs" mailing lists.  E.g.:

We can make changes to the format if desired.  I tried to keep pretty
much the same information that was in the old CVS commit message, though
I didn't attempt to exactly mimic the format.

Commits mentioning PRs also go to bugzilla.  See my test PR for an

The format for bugzilla can differ from the format for the commit-list
message, but I chose to keep them the same.  Again, changeable.


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