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src.git test repository

I've made a src.git test repository for testing.  Please try it out.

The new repository came in much smaller than I thought: 196M.
My checked-out tree is 506M.

You can get it in the usual ways.  I used:

    git clone ssh://

I think "git://" works as well; not sure about http transport.

Note that I made this repository last week, before I did most of the
requested email address updates.

This repository was made by a rather complicated process.  I stitched
together Pedro's git repository holding very old (pre-devo) gdb
releases, a somewhat edited snapshot of devo that I got from Ian and
Nick, and of course "src".

All the helper scripts and associated hacks I wrote are available in a
git repository here:

If you're interested in the details, the code is all there.

I believe the "src" CVS repository was created in a funny way.  I could
not find a tag in devo indicating when it was exported, and Stan says
that he remembers importing gdb 4.18 as the baseline.  That's mildly
bad, since it means that the src master was created from a branch; but
on top of that I think that binutils was imported separately, about a
month later.

This means there is no stable baseline onto which to graft the "src"

So, I chose to use the gdb 4.18 branchpoint from devo as the graft
point.  All revisions on devo's master after this point have been moved
off to a new "devo-after-sourceware-migration" branch.

What this means is that there are some commits around that point that
look a bit odd, and if you need to do archaeology around that point in
1999 then you are going to have to do some extra digging.

The devo snapshot I was given was a bit edited.  It mentions many
branches, most of which I think are not especially relevant -- and many
of which contain no genuinely useful commits.  I chose to filter out
most branches, leaving just a few obviously relevant ones.

This repository has all the configuration bits in it that I expect to
use in the final conversion -- email hooks, bugzilla hooks, etc.  Please
be aware of that if you make any changes.  (I intend to test all these
things live sometime this week.  So far they've only been tested
piecemeal on my machine.)

This is not the final repository.  As I noted above, at least the email
addresses weren't all updated at the time of conversion.  Any changes
you make in this repository will be lost when I reconvert it.  I realize
we're missing a prime opportunity for April Fool's jokes here, but I
didn't want to wait another 6 months.

Please report any problems to me.  I encourage everyone to look through
the history and branches and see whether everything you expect is there;
and to explore the history and see whether I've made any correctable


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