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Re: [PATCH] AARCH64 add GICv3 system registers

On 25/09/13 19:48, Andrew Pinski wrote:
   This patch adds the GICv3 system registers names to the list of
system register names.  Naveen wrote the patch but I am submitting it.

OK?  Tested for aarch64-linux-gnu with no regressions.

Andrew Pinski


AArch64: Add support for GIC ICC_* system registers in gas

2013-09-25  Naveen H.S  <>

* aarch64-opc.c (aarch64_sys_regs): Add support for GIC ICC_*
system registers in gas.

PS I will update the date in the changelog before committing it once approved.

These registers are already available via the generic system register name syntax.

The system register encoding space has provision for future extensions and implementation defined extensions. This encoding space can already be accessed via the generic system register name syntax.

Rather than add extensions to the name space in an adhoc fashion, creating dependencies on specific versions of binutils, an alternative approach would be to implement a mechanism to define the system register name to generic name mapping in a dynamically loaded config file (e.g. xml, json etc). This would avoid creating dependencies on specific binutils versions and provide a more convenient mechanism to support implementation extensions.

Some comments on the patch presented:

The GIC is optional in the architecture therefore recognition of such registers should be tied to a feature being enabled / disabled.

The list of registers included looks incomplete.


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