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RFC: git config and scripts

Pardon the cross-post, but this affects both gdb and binutils.

I've hacked up some git configury and scripts for your perusal.

I've tested most of the parts of this (not the config file yet), but
usually in a mildly hacked form (e.g., using a script to replace
"sendmail").  I will do live testing as we get closer to the end.

This work consists of a few parts:

* A modified copy of git's sample "post-receive" script, which I've
  hacked to be able to send email to multiple commit lists based on
  which directories were modified, and to send email to bugzilla when a
  PR is mentioned in a commit message.

* A modified copy of the loginfo script we use, with anything pertaining
  to cvs removed, leaving just some bugzilla functionality.  I further
  modified this to look in multiple products for a bug, when desired.

* The "src-email" file, some configury for src.git which tells
  post-receive which directories correspond to which commit lists.

* The git "config" file for src.git.

About the last part -- there are various settings we could have for
src.git.  A few to consider:

* I chose a relatively simple format for the commit email, and I kept
  the format used for bugzilla the same.  The format I chose mentions
  the commit's URL, plus the "--pretty" log output (SHA, author, date,
  and commit message).

* The appended config requires fast-forward pushes only.  In archer
  we've relaxed this, since we like to be able to rebase, but not
  everybody likes that.

* Other projects have "update" hooks to do things like reject merge
  commits to master, or reject commits that introduce trailing


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