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Re: [patch, binutils] Patch elf/mips.h for -mfp64 support.

[Usenet cross-posting stripped, no usable NNTP server here, sigh...]

On Tue, 17 Sep 2013, Jack Carter wrote:

> >   Hehe, actually I reckon I have once raised the issue somewhere already
> > and I can surely do it again, though I think it will be wise to think
> > ahead and have an idea what the extension might look like as I'm sure the
> > need for it is bound to happen sooner rather than later.
> Are talking about the PT_NOTE segment and .note section? If so, that is
> described in the System V abi circa '92 and is very simple.

 Yes, we've been using these sections/segments for a while already 
although for a different purpose (see csu/abi-note.S in glibc).

 The use of a note as a replacement for (or an extension of) e_flags for 
the MIPS target has been considered for at least some 10 years now, but so 
far people have only been pinching further bits from e_flags instead. ;)  
I think the MIPS target is the only one to have an issue with running out 
of these flags, other architectures seem to have been more conservative on 
creating new options and hence there has been no general rush towards 
using a note to record target ISA/ABI/etc. options.


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