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RE: Assembling Power instructions: dcbtst/dcbt.

Hello Peter,

 Many thanks for your clarifying mail.

> I think if you try a newer assembler/disassembler, you will see
> that you get the operand ordering you're expecting.

 I do see the same issue using configured --target=ppc64-redhat-linux
 and obtained by doing: git clone git:// I also tried (09/13/2013) Would these
 be different from the trunk?
> > Also, is it at all possible that we add a PowerPC option to GAS:
> > --isa-category=<val> where <val> in { server, embedded, ... /* more
> values
> > as applicable */ } to be used in such cases where the Power ISA category
> > serves to distinguish? The option could be OFF by default and be
> implemented
> > in a way that keeps the code change as minimal as possible and preserves
> > current user experience.
> Do you mean something over and above the -m<CPU> option?

 Yes, orthogonal to -m<CPU> although, a colleague suggested: --isa-environment

 Thanks again!

Anmol P. Paralkar

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