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gprof doesn't build from cvs

gprof doesn't build from cvs.  This is a an out of tree build.  GNU make 3.82 has then entire path in $*, so one cannot just add $(srcdir) to it.

$ make
awk -f ../../binutils/binutils/gprof/gen-c-prog.awk > ./../../binutils/binutils/gprof/flat_bl.c \
    FUNCTION=`(echo ../../binutils/binutils/gprof/flat_bl|sed -e 's,.*/,,g' -e 's/_bl//')`_blurb \
    FILE=../../binutils/binutils/gprof/flat_bl.m ../../binutils/binutils/gprof/../../binutils/binutils/gprof/flat_bl.m
awk: ../../binutils/binutils/gprof/gen-c-prog.awk:29: fatal: cannot open file `../../binutils/binutils/gprof/../../binutils/binutils/gprof/flat_bl.m' for reading (No such file or directory)
make: *** [../../binutils/binutils/gprof/flat_bl.c] Error 2

When I add the patch below, it then works.  I don't know what motived the original, so, I don't know what this solution breaks, if anything.  A make expert should review this.

If one adds these generated files to a tar ball, then, trivially, the problem doesn't appear.  I've switched from tar ball to cvs checkout; so I hit it.


diff --git a/binutils/gprof/ b/binutils/gprof/
index 97d8c17..cf19cb1 100644
--- a/binutils/gprof/
+++ b/binutils/gprof/
        awk -f $(srcdir)/gen-c-prog.awk > ./$*.c \
            FUNCTION=`(echo $*|sed -e 's,.*/,,g' -e 's/_bl//')`_blurb \
-           FILE=$*.m $(srcdir)/$*.m
+           FILE=$*.m $*.m
 POTFILES = $(sources) $(noinst_HEADERS)
 po/ @MAINT@ Makefile

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