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[PATCH]: Add a LEXLIB variable in binutils/Makefile


strangely enough, there are many occurrences to @LEXLIB@ in binutils/
This patch simply replaces them by $(LEXLIB) (It also defines LEXLIB for
homogeneity although it appears to be not required).

Ok for trunk ?


2013-09-04  Tristan Gingold  <>

	* (LEXLIB): Define.  Replase references to @LEXLIB@
	by $(LEXLIB).
	* Regenerate.

diff --git a/binutils/ b/binutils/
index 459a214..e2f8630 100644
--- a/binutils/
+++ b/binutils/
 YACC = `if [ -f ../bison/bison ]; then echo ../bison/bison -y -L$(srcdir)/../bison/; else echo @YACC@; fi`
 YFLAGS = -d
 LEX = `if [ -f ../flex/flex ]; then echo ../flex/flex; else echo @LEX@; fi`
 # Automake 1.10+ disables lex and yacc output file regeneration if
 # maintainer mode is disabled.  Avoid this.
@@ -259,11 +260,11 @@ cxxfilt_SOURCES = cxxfilt.c $(BULIBS)
 ar_SOURCES = arparse.y arlex.l ar.c not-ranlib.c arsup.c rename.c binemul.c \
 	emul_$(EMULATION).c $(BULIBS)
 ranlib_SOURCES = ar.c is-ranlib.c arparse.y arlex.l arsup.c rename.c \
 	binemul.c emul_$(EMULATION).c $(BULIBS)
 addr2line_SOURCES = addr2line.c $(BULIBS)
@@ -442,7 +443,7 @@ srconv_SOURCES = srconv.c coffgrok.c $(BULIBS)
 srconv.@OBJEXT@: sysroff.c
 dlltool_SOURCES = dlltool.c defparse.y deflex.l $(BULIBS)
 if am__fastdepCC
@@ -494,11 +495,11 @@ nlmconv_SOURCES = nlmconv.c nlmheader.y $(BULIBS)
 windres_SOURCES = windres.c resrc.c rescoff.c resbin.c rcparse.y rclex.c \
 	winduni.c resres.c $(BULIBS)
 windmc_SOURCES = windmc.c mcparse.y mclex.c \
 	winduni.c $(BULIBS)
 dllwrap_SOURCES = dllwrap.c version.c

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