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[bug: amd64] Improper translation of a twisted statement

[buildbot] gas/config/tc-mips.c r1.579: error: signed and unsigned type in conditional expression

[COMMITTED PATCH] fix excess SIZEOF_HEADERS addition for rodata-segment in *-*-nacl* targets

[COMMITTED PATCH] update x86-nacl ld/testsuite cases broken by gas alignment change

[committed] Add a MIPS16 macro test

[committed] Fix format string in elf64-hppa.c

[committed] Fix pinfo/pinfo2 flags for VR5400 vector instructions

[committed] Refer to MIPS macro operands by number

[committed] Reformat mips16_opcodes

[committed] Remove WR_* and RD_* flags for $0 operands

[committed] Replace field-based RD_ and WR_ flags with position-based ones

[committed] Replace mips16_immed

[committed] Replace some MIPS16_INSN_* flags with INSN2_* flags

[committed] Use MIPS gpr_{read,write}_mask in more places

[committed] Use WR_31 rather for single-op MIPS JALR*s

[gold/dwp patch] Revert support for dwp v2 format

[Gold] Can't we specify input files & libraries in linker scripts ?

Re: [Gold] Can't we specify input files & libraries in linker scripts ?

[gold] x32: fix relative reloc preference for R_X86_64_32.

[MIPS, committed] Add new error routines

[MIPS, committed] Add OP_OPTIONAL_REG

[MIPS, committed] Improve error reporting for register expressions

[MIPS, committed] Make two passes through the opcode table

[MIPS, committed] populated imm_exprs are always O_constant

[MIPS, committed] Remove +I operand type

[MIPS, committed] Remove soft_match

[MIPS, committed] Replace DEXT and DINS macros

[MIPS, committed] Split out main instruction-matching loops

[MIPS, committed] Use lower-case error messages in tc-mips.c

[PATCH gold/x32] Fix relative reloc preference for R_X86_64_32 on x32

[Patch RX] Added warnings of RX variants that does not have hardware FPU support

Re: [PATCH, ARM]: Fix SB group relocations

[patch, libtool] Patch libtool.m4 at top-level for autoconf 2.68

Re: [PATCH, POTFILES]: Regeneration needed

[Patch,ARM] Fix emul selection in ld-arm/export-class.exp


[PATCH] -mcmodel=large -fpic TLS GD and LD support gcc + binutils (PR target/58067)

[PATCH] [AIX] [GAS] .lcomm directive

[PATCH] assembler/disassembler support for ARM "udf" mnemonic

[PATCH] binutils doc update

Re: [Patch] Fix nm --size-sort on non-elf targets

[PATCH] fix PR symtab/15597

[PATCH] gas/config/tc-arm.c: Improve validation of NEON addressing modes.

[PATCH] gold: pad code segments out to page size for isolate_execinstr targets

[PATCH] gold: use one-byte nops for code fill on NaCl x86 targets

[PATCH] ld --disable-large-address-aware

Re: [PATCH] ld-arm/export-class.exp: Fix traditional ABI failures

Re: [PATCH] LD/testsuite: ld-*/comm-data.exp improvements

Re: [PATCH] ld: add support for LOG2() in linker scripts

[patch] Make cxxfilt demangle internal-linkage templates

[PATCH] objdump: avoid needlessly reading section contents

[PATCH] pad out code segment for NaCl targets

[PATCH] runtime sysroot

Re: [PATCH] Support VU0 on MIPS R5900

Re: [PATCH] TILEPro/BFD: Don't crash on discarded GOT

[PATCH] use only one-byte nops for linker code fill on x86 NaCl targets

Re: [PATCH]: XCOFF : Ensure .text/.data file offset == vma % pagesize

[RFC PATCH] pad out code segment for NaCl targets

[RFC][PATCH] MIPS ifunc for binutils

[SPARC] Add LEON architecture

Re: [x86-64 psABI] RFC: Extend x86-64 PLT entry to support MPX

Re: [x86-64 psABI]: Extend x86-64 psABI to support AVX-512

Automated Toolchain Building and Testing

Aw: Re: [PATCH] Support VU0 on MIPS R5900

BFD how to create relocation entries?

BFD io function pointers

BFD iovec functions

Re: Binutils ld linker how to configure emulation target (no supported emulations after build)

binutils-2_21_1 tags

Breakage with your binutils.texi commit

Commit: nm.exp: --size-sort: Add more ELF-like targets. Fix non-ELF targets

Commit: RL78: Add support for G10 binaries

Committed: fix "[Patch] Fix nm --size-sort on non-elf targets"

Re: Gold linker: specify alignment of sections

How do I get ld to pull sections from archived objects?

IFUNC question (MIPS)

internal error in _bfd_default_error_handler

internal visibility and HIDDEN in scripts

Re: ld generates static relocations in shared library

LD link to memory instead of writing to file

LD write linked output to memory buffer

Load address issue

RE: Mips target in gold - part 3

MPX ABI extension

objdump recognising ARM ELF file

partial c++ code binary update on embedded target

PATCH: Add get_elf_x86_64_arch_data

powerpc .lcomm oddity

powerpc64le ld tests

ppc_elf_cons and reloc modifiers

PR 15891 infrastructure

preprocessor macro to identify binutils version?

Problem with the --gc-sections flags for ld

Problems with the --gc-sections flags for ld

A Proposal to Move to Git

RFC: patch website for git

RFC: Use .plt section sh_entsize instead of GET_PLT_ENTRY_SIZE

Should the assembler pad a section to its alignment?

silly fb label numbers

Re: Solaris 10/11 64-bit compile?

Support for SPARC Leon 3 processor

Tablet Ipad $1600 Original

test failures in the libstdc++ and glibc testsuites with ld --as-needed from binutils trunk

Toolchain Build Robot

trying to understand the effect of the -init/-fini option

Unused functions not being removed

Update Makefile.{def,in}, configure{,.ac} from GCC

Will these flags improve performance or break anything (also is this a user friendliness bug?)

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