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Re: A Proposal to Move to Git

>>>>> NightStrike <>:

> ... Git users can easily use git-svn, which means you can satisfy
> mostly everyone, and still be using current, well maintained software.

git-svn is broken on the Win32 platform.  It can get you a git checkout
with the full history.  The problems start when you wish to push your
changes back into subversion.  Then you have to either do a merge or a
rebase against the branch tracking the remote subversion repository, and
you end up getting a conflict in all files you have changes in.

When I tried it, the conflicts with merge, were the entire files (which
is pretty useless. With rebase and with merge using the
ignore-space-change option, the conflicts were just my changed lines,
but with CRLF/LF issues.

Ie. I got a conflict on all of my changes whether they were a conflict
or not.

I tried switching off core.autocrlf in git and I tried convincing
git-svn that the svn checkout shouldn't do CRLF/LF translation, but I
had no luck with that.

My experiments were in msysgit 1.8.3-preview20130601.

(For the record: if someone have a procedure that can make this a
non-issue I would be happy to be proved wrong)

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