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Re: Binutils ld linker how to configure emulation target (no supported emulations after build)

On Monday 22 July 2013 16:39:46 Megora Chai wrote:
> After successfully building binutils/ld and trying to run it I am
> getting this message-
> $ ld-new
> h:/binutils-2.23.1/ld/.libs/ld-new.exe: unrecognised emulation mode:
> Supported emulations:
> I've looked through the internals documentation and from what I
> understand you need to set up the configure or makefile so that the
> emulation mode you want is installed during the build process but I
> can't work out how you actually do that.

the --enable-targets option controls what emulations are available.  pass it a 
value of "all" to get them all.  not that i think this is actually what your 
trouble is ...

you might want to try installing it first and then running the installed `ld`.

> One more thing, in the main ld directory there is a file created,
> ld-new.exe, which is around 22kb and in the libs sub-folder there is
> another ld-new.exe that is around 6mb. The ld.exe I have from mingw
> doesn't seem to have any frontend or anything like that so I'm not sure
> what is going on with these two executables, hopefully someone can
> explain for me.

probably one is a shell script created by libtool to run the right local ld 
with the right library paths set up

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