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Re: A Proposal to Move to Git

Mark> Except for one tiny question.  How much free space do I need to clone
Mark> the future gdb repo and do useful work with it?  Some of my machines
Mark> don't have a lot of free disk space.  Sparse checkouts don't really
Mark> work.  And it seems you can't do any real development from a shallow
Mark> clone.  So if the answer to the my question is that I need at least 1G
Mark> of disk space, then there is a problem.

gdb.git is 372M.  That's the bare repository, so no checkout.  It may be
a bit bigger when we mix in binutils, though the final numbers will all
be different for a variety of reasons.  I think 400M is an ok rough

I think you have several options here.

I believe you can push from a --single-branch clone.  One of these
weighed in at 304M for me.  That was a checkout, not a bare repository.

Note that a gdb+binutils checkout from CVS is 321M.  So I think that,
whatever the issue is, it will be at the margin.

Alternatively, you can adopt a more laborious approach by doing a
shallow clone on a space-constrained device, and shipping the results to
a push-capable repository.  I've done this at times (not due to space
but because I couldn't conveniently push from the machine I was hacking

Or, maybe you can run git-cvs locally and cvs commit from your space
constrained device into your git repository.  I have never tried this.


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