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Re: partial c++ code binary update on embedded target

Hi Riccardo,

2) If I place all the .data, .bss and .text into a unique section, is
there a way to identify those parts of the library that are read/write
and need to be copied in RAM at startup?

Yes - use multiple unique sections... Map the .text sections into one specific, unique output section, the .data sections into another and so on.

My answer to these two points is to use a linkerscript similar to the

Right - this is the way to do it.

Is this solution applicable? Is there a better one than writing each
single file of the library in the linkerscript (I feel really bad doing

So use wildcards. For example if you have all of the fixed parts of the application in one directory and all of the upgradeable parts in another directory then your script could look like this:

  .dll_rom : { upgradeable/*(.text) } >rom
  .text    : { fixed/*(.text) }
  .dll_ram : { upgradeable/*(.data) } >ram AT>rom
   .data   : { fixed/*(.data) }


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