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Re: [PATCH, ARM]: Fix SB group relocations

In message <>
          John Tytgat <> wrote:

> I recreated the patch and also corrected a problem which I found out in
> the meanwhile : when using an unresolved symbol for the SB group relocation
> there was an ICE as the section containing that symbol is NULL.  Hence
> the added test on sym_sec in elf32_arm_final_link_relocation.
> I also added a specific unresolved failure test for this.

In the meanwhile Nick already applied my first patch which was not taking
Richard's comments into account.  Basically this following up patch
addresses this by swapping the ld-arm/group-relocs-ldr(s)-bad(-2) tests
and also fixes the above mentioned problem with unresolved symbols
in a sb group relocation.


John Tytgat  <>

	* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_final_link_relocate): Handle
	unresolved symbol case for sb group relocations.


John Tytgat  <>

	* ld-arm/unresolved-2.d: New.
	* ld-arm/unresolved-2.s: New.
	* ld-arm/arm-elf.exp: Add the new test.
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldr-bad-2.d: Swap with...
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldr-bad.d: ...this.
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldr-bad-2.s: Swap with...
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldr-bad.s: ...this.
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldrs-bad-2.d: Swap with...
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldrs-bad.d: ...this.
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldrs-bad-2.s: Swap with...
	* ld-arm/group-relocs-ldrs-bad.s: ...this.

John Tytgat                                                             BASS

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