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Re: [PATCH] Support VU0 on MIPS R5900

On Wed, 31 Jul 2013, Richard Sandiford wrote:

> I'm close to finishing a series of patches to further rework the opcode
> table and free up more bits.

 Thanks for this work, I look forward to seeing your change in.  This will 
hopefully let us make GAS handle delay-slot scheduling optimally for the 
microMIPS instructions I had to pessimise due to the lack of free pinfo 
bits (i.e. ALNV.PS, and the instructions using the INSN2_MOD_* macros).

 In fact, to avoid missing ALNV.PS, would the change below be OK to apply, 
i.e. does it not conflict/interfere with your impending rework?

 I chose to refer to the register field as "rr" following Figure 4.2 
"32-Bit Instruction Formats" from "MIPS Architecture for Programmers, 
Volume II-B: The microMIPS64 Instruction Set" (doc #MD00594, rev. 3.06), 
that refers to that field as "rr/fr" even though the description of 
ALNV.PS itself uses "rs" instead.  I think for instruction decoding 
purposes, such as done by libopcodes, it makes sense to keep register 
fields names consistent across all the instructions that make use of them, 
even if individual instruction descriptions in architecture documentation 
make use of different names, presumably for clarity.  While no other 
instruction uses that field in the "rr" sense, a couple does do it in the 
"fr" sense, including their detailed descriptions, and that IMHO makes the 
use of "rr" here consistent with the remaining register fields referred by 
Figure 4.2, i.e. "rt/ft", "rs/fs" and "rd/fd".

 No regressions in mips-linux-gnu testing.

2013-08-01  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* micromips-opc.c (RD_r): New macro.
	(micromips_opcodes): Use it for "", replacing NODS.


Index: binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt/opcodes/micromips-opc.c
--- binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt.orig/opcodes/micromips-opc.c	2013-07-25 01:01:40.000000000 +0100
+++ binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt/opcodes/micromips-opc.c	2013-08-01 14:25:43.538693623 +0100
@@ -216,6 +216,7 @@ decode_micromips_operand (const char *p)
 #define RD_s	INSN_READ_GPR_S
 #define RD_b	INSN_READ_GPR_S
 #define RD_t	INSN_READ_GPR_T
+#define RD_r	INSN_NO_DELAY_SLOT	/* No flag available for rr.  */
@@ -332,7 +333,7 @@ const struct mips_opcode micromips_opcod
 {"addu",		"t,r,I",	0,    (int) M_ADDU_I,	INSN_MACRO,		0,		I1,		0,	0 },
 /* We have no flag to mark the read from "y", so we use NODS to disable
    delay slot scheduling of ALNV.PS altogether.  */
-{"",		"D,V,T,y",	0x54000019, 0xfc00003f,	NODS|WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, 0,		I1,		0,	0 },
+{"",		"D,V,T,y",	0x54000019, 0xfc00003f,	WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|RD_r|FP_D, 0,		I1,		0,	0 },
 {"and",			"mf,mt,mg",	    0x4480,     0xffc0,	0,			WR_mf|RD_mf|RD_mg, I1,		0,	0 },
 {"and",			"mf,mg,mx",	    0x4480,     0xffc0,	0,			WR_mf|RD_mf|RD_mg, I1,		0,	0 },
 {"and",			"d,v,t",	0x00000250, 0xfc0007ff,	WR_d|RD_s|RD_t,		0,		I1,		0,	0 },

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