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Re: Mips target in gold - part 3

Thanks for organizing this patch series so nicely! A couple of general comments:

- all patches need ChangeLog entries. (See

- don't include generated files like in the diff (just say
"Regenerated" in the ChangeLog entry).

I'm still working on the big two-part patch, but I've got
comments on the others for you. First...

> 1. start.patch
> This patch allows a target to define start symbol. Mips start symbol is "__start" instead of "_start".

I decided to do this differently. Rather than add a virtual function
to return the entry symbol, I added the symbol name to struct
Target_info, and added "_start" as the entry_symbol_name in the
Target_info initializers for each target. I've committed the attached
patch. You'll need to adjust similarly.


2013-07-23  Cary Coutant  <>
            Sasa Stankovic  <>

        * (Parameters::entry): Return target-specific entry
        symbol name.
        * target.h (Target::entry_symbol_name): New function.
        (Target_info::entry_symbol_name): New data member.

        * (Target_arm::arm_info): Add entry_symbol_name.
        * (Target_i386::i386_info): Likewise.
        (Target_i386_nacl::i386_nacl_info): Likewise.
        * (Target_sparc::sparc_info): Likewise.
        * (Target_tilegx::tilegx_info): Likewise.
        * (Target_x86_64::x86_64_info) Likewise.
        (Target_x86_64_nacl::x86_64_nacl_info) Likewise.
        * testsuite/ (Target_test::test_target_info): Likewise.

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