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Re: [Gold Patch] Handle DW_AT_GNU_pubnames in DW_FORM_flag_present

> And here it is. This integrates your comments.

This is OK. Thanks!


> 13-07-22  Sterling Augustine  <>
>         * (Dwarf_pubnames_table::read_section):
>         Convert parameter shndx to local variable. Add parameters symtab
>         and symtab_size.  Scan over section names.  Find relocation
>         section corresponding to current section.  Create and initialize
>         reloc_mapper_ and reloc_type_.
>         (Dwarf_pubnames_table::read_header):  Add assertion.  Change
>         unit_length to off_t.  Initialize member unit_length_.  Fill in field
>         cu_offset_.
>         * dwarf_reader.h (Dwarf_pubnames_table::Dwarf_pubnames_table):
>         Initialize new fields unit_length_ and cu_offset_.
>         (Dwarf_pubnames_table::read_section): Update prototype.
>         (Dwarf_pubnames_table::cu_offset): New member function.
>         (Dwarf_pubnames_table::subsection_size): Likewise.
>         (Dwarf_pubnames_table::cu_offset_, Dwarf_pubnames_table::unit_length):
>         New fields.
>         (Dwarf_info_reader::symtab, Dwarf_info_reader::symtab_size): Make
>         member functions public.
>         * (Gdb_index_info_reader::read_pubnames_and_pubtypes):
>         Update comment.  Rework logic.  Move repeated parts to...
>         (Gdb_index_info_reader::read_pubtable): New function.
>         (Gdb_index::Gdb_index): Initialize new fields, pubnames_table_,
>         pubtypes_table_, and stmt_list_offset.
>         (Gdb_index::map_pubtable_to_dies, Gdb_index::find_pubname_offset,
>         Gdb_index::find_pubtype_offset,
>         Gdb_index::map_pubnames_and_types_to_dies): Define new functions.
>         (Gdb_index::pubnames_read): Update prototype and rework logic.
>         * gdb_index.h (Gdb_index_info_reader, Dwarf_pubnames_table):
>         Forward declare.
>         (Gdb_index::map_pubtable_to_dies, Gdb_index::find_pubname_offset,
>         Gdb_index::find_pubtype_offset, Gdb_index::pubnames_table)
>         Gdb_index::pubtypes_table, Gdb_index::map_pubnames_and_types_to_dies,
>         Gdb_index::map_pubtable_to_dies):
>         Declare functions.
>         (Gdb_index::pubnames_read): Update declaration.
>         (Gdb_index::Pubname_offset_map): New type.
>         (Gdb_index::cu_pubname_map_, Gdb_index::cu_pubtype_map_,
>         Gdb_index::pubnames_table_, Gdb_index::pubtypes_table_,
>         Gdb_index::stmt_list_offset): Declare.
>         (Gdb_index::pubnames_shndx_, Gdb_index::pubnames_offet_,
>         Gdb_index::pubtypes_object_, Gdb_index::pubtypes_shndx_)
>         Gdb_index::pubtypes_offset_): Remove.

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