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Re: [PATCH] ld: add support for LOG2() in linker scripts

Hi Clemens,
Please find attached a patch against the GNU ld source to add a unary
LOG2() function, returning the binary logarithm of its argument, rounded
towards 0. The implementation also returns 0 for a zero argument.

Thanks for creating this patch.

A couple questions:
  - Would somebody please merge this?

Not right away - there are still a few problems to address.  See below.

  - Where can I find the source for [2], so I can add documentation?

In <binutils_sources>/ld/ld.texinfo

  - Do you require some form of copyright assignment?

Yes - an FSF copyright assignment. I have attached the form that you can fill in and email off in order to start this process rolling.

> Are there other formal requirements for this patch to be applied?

Formal no, but there are a couple of things missing:

  1. A ChangeLog entry describing the patch.

  2. A patch to the ld/NEWS file mentioning the new feature.

3. A testcase in the ld/testsuite/ld-scripts directory to make sure that the new directive works correctly and continues to work in the future.


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