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Re: [Patch, AArch64] Add GAS target-specific command line option -mabi=<abi_name>

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the prompt review.

On 07/19/13 11:57, nick clifton wrote:
I see a couple of small problems with this patch:

    * You should issue an error message if the old (now deprecated)
-milp32 or -mlp64 command line options are used.

I agree that in general the deprecation shall communicate more friendly error message to the existing usage, but in this particular case, I think it is less required to do so as it is very unlikely -milp32 and -mlp64 have been used by the community so far. The options were added only a few weeks ago and the related patch for the gcc driver has not been committed to the upstream yet. So I think it shall be fine to simply remove the support for the two options. What do you think?

    * You are testing membership of an enum using a binary AND operator:

#define ilp32_p		(aarch64_abi&  AARCH64_ABI_ILP32)

    Ie, I think that this should be:

#define ilp32_p		(aarch64_abi == AARCH64_ABI_ILP32)

I'll change to use '=='.


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