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Re: [PATCH 2/5] New target port: Andes 'nds32'. (opcode)

On Fri, 12 Jul 2013, Kuan-Lin Chen wrote:

> 2013/7/10 Joseph S. Myers <>:
> > Where is the source code for this patch?  That is, the CGEN CPU
> > description (for addition to the cpu/ directory).  Almost all this patch
> > appears to be generated files (which aren't needed in the diff; you just
> > need to give instructions for the person committing the patch to generate
> > them with CGEN).
> >
> Because we modified some general parts of CGEN,  I did not send the source
> code in this patch. The modification for two reason:
> 1. Add instruction print handler to disassemble more information for
> instruction.
> 2. In our target design, there are big and little endian for data but always big
>     endian for instruction.   In original CGEN, it does not support
> different data
>     and instruction endian, so we modified it.
> We plan to write this part (opcode/) by ourselves not generating by
> CGEN in the feature.
> So, do I have to send all the modification of CGEN?

If a binutils port using CGEN is to be checked in, the CGEN CPU 
description must be checked in, and it must work with the current mainline 
version of CGEN in the src repository.  CGEN-generated code must never be 
checked in without all the sources required to regenerate it also being 
checked in.  In the past we've had to replace old binutils release 
tarballs because they accidentally didn't contain the source code to some 
of the CGEN CPU descriptions (in a directory that hadn't been included in 
the releases).

So, we simply can't consider this port for GNU binutils at all as long as 
it involves a CGEN CPU description for which the source isn't available or 
doesn't work with the checked-in CGEN sources.  Either replace everything 
in the port that's generated with CGEN, or get your CGEN changes committed 
then submit the binutils port with the CGEN CPU description included.

Joseph S. Myers

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