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[1/4] Remove MIPS_CPU_ASE_* flags

[2/4] Use bitmasks instead of per-ASE variables and fields

[3/4] Move MIPS options code further up file

[4/4] Add an ASE description structure

[AArch64, Committed] Fix the placement of _DYNAMIC in the GOT.

[BFD] COFF support for TIC6x

[COMMITTED PATCH] ARM gas: handle whitespace before } (in macro expansion)

[committed] Fix loc-swap-3.s for mips64-linux-gnu

[GAS, ARM] Allow relaxation of all non-preemptible symbols

[GAS,ARM] Add support for Cortex-A12

[gold patch] Fix problem with TLS symbols when using LTO

[gold/15662] Fix a powerpc internal error in do_relax()

[GOLD] Does gold strip the "SECTION SYMBOL" by default ?

[gold] Enable plugins by default?

Re: [Gold] Question about the incorrect variable alignment if the alignment is greater than the page size

[Gold] Skip linking when output file is newer than all inputs?

RE: [MIPS] Add new virtualization instructions

[MIPS] Check info->executable to create DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP

[opcodes/rx] reg-reg bit ops size

Re: [PATCH 0/9] [WIP] New target for Windows 8 for ARM (Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT)

Re: [PATCH 1/2] MIPS: Compressed PLT/stubs support

[PATCH ARM] Request to revert fix for bug 15302

[Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 0/5 Add support for ILP32

[Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 1/5 Rename elf64-aarch64.c to elfnn-aarch64.c

[Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 2/5 Parametrize elfnn-aarch64.c and add basic support in ld and gas

[Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 3/5 Support for ELF32 relocs and refactor reloc handling

[Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 4/5 Split elfnn-aarch64.c to elfxx-aarch64.c

[Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 5/5 Improve the debugging experience with the generated file

[Patch, AArch64, ILP32] Add big-endian linker target

[Patch, AArch64] Fix ld ifunc test failures in aarch64-*-elf

[Patch, AArch64] Fix relocation bug related to ifunc handling

[Patch, AArch64] Minor clean-up

[patch, nios2] correct encoding of "eret" instruction

[patch, nios2] don't set sh_entsize for PLT section

[patch, nios2] fix constant fixup overflow assembler bug

[patch, nios2] support optional argument to trap instruction


[PATCH] [LD] Add ALIGN_WITH_INPUT output section attribute

[PATCH] aarch64: Add support for GNU indirect functions.

[PATCH] aarch64: Revert AArch64 ifunc changes.

Re: [PATCH] ARM gas: handle {...} operands in macros

[PATCH] bfd/elf64-aarch64.c: Use ELF64_R_SYM instead of ELF32_R_SYM.

[PATCH] bfd/ld bug when using linker plugins and dynobj is dynamic

[PATCH] fix ld-size test cases for nacl targets

Re: [Patch] Gas support for MIPS Compact EH

[PATCH] GAS: Remove relaxation for MIPS-3D branches, add documentation

Re: [Patch] Handle .ehword pseudo-op for MIPS

[PATCH] in_plt_section: support alternate stub section names (was: [PATCH 1/2] MIPS: Compressed PLT/stubs support)

[PATCH] ld/testsuite: Enable ifunc tests on AArch64 big-endian.

[PATCH] microMIPS insn32 mode support


Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Opcode membership proposal

[patch] rl78: fix OPsub math

[patch] sanity check bfd_is_section_compressed header

Re: [Patch] Update the default ELF linker script to support compact EH

Re: [PATCH] VAX/BFD: Don't crash on discarded GOT

Re: [PATCH] VAX/BFD: Fix GOT/PLT handling for non-preemptible symbols

Re: [PATCH] VAX/LD: Target-specific symbol export class tests

Re: [Ping, PATCH, avr] Allow XCH, LAT, LAC and LAS instructions only for XMEGA devices that support them

Re: [PING^2][PATCH] in_plt_section: support alternate stub section names

[PING^2][PATCH] in_plt_section: support alternate stub section names (was: [PATCH 1/2] MIPS: Compressed PLT/stubs support)

Re: [RFC, PATCH] aarch64: Add support for GNU indirect functions.

Add documentation for MIPS macros and rewrite small data section

Adding ELF sections with bfd

Binutils configure problem on windows (sed.exe: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: `C')

Re: Can you please revert Binutils commit for bug 15302?

Commit: LD: Fix cross reference maps of common symbols

Commit: MSP430: Update hardware bug restrictions

Commit: RX: Fix decoding of NOP insns

Fix EVA tests for mips64-linux-gnu

Fix some MIPS operand typos

GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 - Presentation Abstracts

GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 - Schedule

Gold linker - error in build: script-c.h:221:7: error: 'yylex' initialized and declared 'extern' [-Werror]

Issues with entry symbol in Linux kernel modules.

ld not recording symbol versions for weak symbols

Listing source files with objdump

Re: m68k arch/cpu directives

Make gas/mips/mips.exp ELF-only

Make tc-mips.c ELF-only

Minor tweaks to the MIPS documentation

Move "MIPS symbol sizes" section of documentation

Re: moving instructions to another address

Option to manually add a DT_NEEDED entry

Re: PATCH: Don't align text/data/bss sections in x86 assembler

PATCH: PR ld/15685: R_X86_64_DTPOFF64 incorrectly handled

PowerPC 32 : GOT access not optimized for DSO-scope static variable ?

PowerPC64 gold --gc-sections error

Re: PR gas/13024: internal error with branch swapping and double .locs

proposal: LD_PRELOAD for a specific library

Re: proposal: LD_PRELOAD for a specific library

Remove "MIPS Stabs" section of documentation

Remove ellipsis from gas/mips/lineno.d

Remove gas and ld support for MIPS ECOFF

Require a 64-bit bfd_vma for MIPS ELF

RL78: Ski0p dynamic section checks if the sections have not been created

Re: Segfault in objdump?

SEGMENT_START and -Ttext-segment

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