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Remove "MIPS Stabs" section of documentation

I don't think the "MIPS Stabs" section of the documentation is useful.
It's very out of date: ELF supports stabs, while the "traditional" debuggers
mentioned are surely of no practical use with modern toolchains anyway.
And all the section really does is list directives without explaining
what they do.

I think this part should just be removed rather than updated.

Tested with "make info", "make pdf" and "make html".  Applied.


	* doc/c-mips.texi (MIPS Stabs): Remove section.

Index: gas/doc/c-mips.texi
--- gas/doc/c-mips.texi	2013-06-22 09:13:59.878141913 +0100
+++ gas/doc/c-mips.texi	2013-06-22 09:16:31.552355078 +0100
@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ Assembly Language Programming'' in the s
 * MIPS Opts::   	Assembler options
 * MIPS Object:: 	ECOFF object code
-* MIPS Stabs::  	Directives for debugging information
 * MIPS ISA::    	Directives to override the ISA level
 * MIPS symbol sizes::   Directives to override the size of symbols
 * MIPS autoextend::	Directives for extending MIPS 16 bit instructions
@@ -473,20 +472,6 @@ Using small @sc{ecoff} objects requires
 the startup code).  @sc{mips} @sc{ecoff} assembly code must not modify the
 @code{$gp} register.
-@node MIPS Stabs
-@section Directives for debugging information
-@cindex MIPS debugging directives
-@sc{mips} @sc{ecoff} @code{@value{AS}} supports several directives used for
-generating debugging information which are not support by traditional @sc{mips}
-assemblers.  These are @code{.def}, @code{.endef}, @code{.dim}, @code{.file},
-@code{.scl}, @code{.size}, @code{.tag}, @code{.type}, @code{.val},
-@code{.stabd}, @code{.stabn}, and @code{.stabs}.  The debugging information
-generated by the three @code{.stab} directives can only be read by @sc{gdb},
-not by traditional @sc{mips} debuggers (this enhancement is required to fully
-support C++ debugging).  These directives are primarily used by compilers, not
-assembly language programmers!
 @node MIPS symbol sizes
 @section Directives to override the size of symbols

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