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Re: moving instructions to another address

Is there something in binutils I
can use to make it safe?

Sorry no.

Well, thanks anyway.

And is it even possible?

Possible yes.  But to do it in a clean portable way that will
continue to work as operating systems evolve - probably not.

Good to know. I should search another way, then.

There are similar sorts of things that you might want to consider -
overlays for example, or ifuncs, or even the breakpoint mechanism used
by debuggers.

AFAIK the breakpoint mechanism uses system calls and signals. I'd guess that it's slow and that's why I'd like to avoid it if possible. I took a look at ifuncs and overlays and I think that you need controll over the startup process to use it (e.g. you can't do it on the fly).

Maybe it's better if I just tell why I need this kind of functionality:
I want to be able to hook a few OpenGL functions to record a video. This is easy with LD_PRELOAD but the problem is the usability. Some games reset LD_PRELOAD in their start scripts so you'd have to edit those scripts and you can only record games which are started with LD_PRELOAD set but not the ones started before. I could simply use config file but it's too intrusive. I also tried to modify the relocation entries but some OpenGL functions don't seem to have those and if a program uses dlsym this doesn't work, too.

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